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Factors That Can Affect Your Auto Accident Claims

Auto accidents can happen anytime. No matter how disciplined you are but the behavior of other drivers can still put you at risk of getting injured in a collision. According to the website of the Bruner Law Firm, the negligence of drivers can instantly change our lives. The good news is that you can make the other driver liable for the injuries that you will incur.

By being able to prove the liability of the other driver, you can have an opportunity to recover damages. However, this will not be easy as the court will consider several factors that can impact your auto accident claim. Likewise, the insurer of the defendant will not easily give in that their customer was the one responsible for the accident. Here are some of the factors that will affect your claims:

1. The Consistency of Your Narration

Consistency will be the name of the game as you aim for the maximum amount of your car accident claim. You will be questioned several times by the defense so make sure to stick to what you are saying. If you do not remain consistent, chances are they might find some loopholes in your testimony and the amount of your claim may not be what you sought for.

2. Stability of Your Evidence

Your testimony will only be considered a hearsay if you do not back it up with solid evidence. This will make your claim stronger. For getting desired results, you may want to have as many documents as possible to support your statement.

3. Medical Opinion

Aside from documentation, the opinion of your doctor will also count on your car accident claim. The defense will try to overturn your complaints and say that you are just exaggerating. Your doctor will confirm and verify the truth to your aches and pains.

4. The Limitations of Your Policy

The terms stipulated in your insurance policy will greatly affect the amount of settlement. To maximize the total amount of your claim, you need to convince the judge that your costs were reasonable and necessary and that you are in great pain and suffering.

These factors can have a huge impact on the amount of damages that you can recover from the car accident.