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Advantages of Contested Divorce

Uncontested divorce has its obvious benefits. The legal process is faster because the parties involved agree on the divorce and its terms. Since the parties agree, there are very few issues that could arise, minimizing the need for lawyers and their fees. Uncontested divorce also result into less hard feelings between the couple because they can part ways peacefully.

Contested divorce, on the other hand, can be very stressful because of disagreements, such as in terms of child custody and support, division of properties and liabilities, and even alimony. But according to the website of the Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, a contested divorce may be the only means you have to resolve such matters.

Your voice will be heard
Contested divorce can be too adversarial, but it may be necessary so you can express your arguments against the disagreements with your partner. It can be time-consuming, but the endeavor is worth it if it means that your voice is heard and you can fight for what you believe is just.

There is no bias
The husband and wife will do everything for his or her best interest, and sometimes, the terms of the divorce may swing on their side. In a contested divorce, you can challenge the agreements to make it more equal. What makes this better is the fact that the court is unbiased and will hear your arguments before coming up with a legal decision.

You get what you rightfully deserve
Fighting for what you think is right and getting legal help is almost a surefire way to get what you deserve in a divorce. Your arguments regarding your financial standing can help you gain custody of your child, give less child support and alimony, and get more properties and liabilities, especially if you truly deserve those things. You cannot say the same for uncontested divorce, where a party will have the tendency to give up more just to avoid the hassles of the legal process.

Couples’ Therapy: Getting Through Hurdles in Marriage

Marriage is unlike the stories we’ve been told as children. As most couples will be quick tell you, relationships are often hard work. In real life, marriage isn’t always happily ever after. There are times when couples are faced with certain issues and conflicts that can quickly feel like a huge hurdle. In some cases, these problems tend to hold so much weight that they can cause significant rifts on even the strongest bonds. In such scenarios, one of the ways couples can find a resolution is through working together in an open and controlled setting while being aided by an experienced counselor.

Through couples’ therapy, spouses can communicate their grievances with one another in a way that is both productive and healthy. The therapist will act as a mediator to help both parties address the issues in front of them, while also teaching them techniques to help improve their communication with one another. As pointed out on the website of marriage and family therapist Kathleen Snyder Marriage Like New: Therapy for Couples, having the time to sit down with your partner and confront your difficulties together can go a long way in improving your relationship and rebuilding your trust in one another. During this process, it’s extremely important for the couple to learn better ways to communicate how their feel and manage stress responses that can lead to conflicts and make the situation worst.

The most important factor that contributes to the success of couples’ therapy is the willingness of both spouses to participate in the activity. Both parties must be willing to work on rebuilding their relationship together. If one partner remains closed-off during the entire process, there would be little chance for success. There are certain issues that can’t be solved through therapy alone. Issues such as violence and abuse will need to be addressed by proper authorities.

All in all, couples’ therapy is one way that spouses can resolve the hurdles in their marriage and rebuild a better relationship with one another. However, the success of such a process will depend on the willingness of each party to communicate and resolve their issues. Marriage, like most things, is a two-way street. There are laws in place that make it so that marriage counselors act in the best interest of the people who seek out their help.