Buying and Selling Securities without an Investor’s Prior Consent is Unauthorized Trading

In conducting business, financial advisors naturally encourage investors to believe in them, since advisor-investor relationships, first and foremost, require trust and confidence – the foundation of a successful business relationship.

When establishing a relationship with a financial advisor for investments, however, it is necessary for an investor to set and make clear to the advisor his/her investment objectives, and risk tolerance level since these will serve as the advisor’s bases in determining the best financial strategy for the investor.

A financial advisor should never execute trades in an investor’s accounts without the latter’s expressed permission. Though he/she can freely make recommendations, it is only the investor who can make the final decision if trading will take place. In certain cases (though very rare), investors provide a written discretion, giving financial advisors permission to trade without prior approval for each trade. Not only does the law require a financial advisor to obtain an investor’s permission before making any transaction, but if he/she does this, then he/she can be accused of unauthorized trading.

Financial advisors buying and selling securities without an investor’s prior consent may be trying to defraud clients even if they believe they’re acting in their investor’s best interests. To guard against unauthorized trading, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) requires advisors to regularly send their investors statements that document transactions in an account. These notifications are supposed to allow investors to track the trading of their securities. However, not all investors review their monthly statements, creating an opportunity for financial advisors to trade on their behalf without their permission and without them noticing.

Unauthorized trading is one way a financial advisor can harm a client. To avoid being a victim of this illegal act, stock broker fraud attorneys at Erez Law says that it is necessary for investors to read their account statements thoroughly. Wise investors read and retain all transaction notifications and confirmations. Ignoring these papers can result in failing to notice suspicious activity right away.

In the event that an investor suspects unauthorized trading, he/she should know that the sooner he/she files a claim of unauthorized trading in his/her account, the better his/her chances of winning an arbitration case. A skilled unauthorized trading attorney can also help recognize signs of unauthorized trading and other forms of broker misconduct in his/her account and give him/her professional legal advice moving forward.

Advantages of Contested Divorce

Uncontested divorce has its obvious benefits. The legal process is faster because the parties involved agree on the divorce and its terms. Since the parties agree, there are very few issues that could arise, minimizing the need for lawyers and their fees. Uncontested divorce also result into less hard feelings between the couple because they can part ways peacefully.

Contested divorce, on the other hand, can be very stressful because of disagreements, such as in terms of child custody and support, division of properties and liabilities, and even alimony. But according to the website of the Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, a contested divorce may be the only means you have to resolve such matters.

Your voice will be heard
Contested divorce can be too adversarial, but it may be necessary so you can express your arguments against the disagreements with your partner. It can be time-consuming, but the endeavor is worth it if it means that your voice is heard and you can fight for what you believe is just.

There is no bias
The husband and wife will do everything for his or her best interest, and sometimes, the terms of the divorce may swing on their side. In a contested divorce, you can challenge the agreements to make it more equal. What makes this better is the fact that the court is unbiased and will hear your arguments before coming up with a legal decision.

You get what you rightfully deserve
Fighting for what you think is right and getting legal help is almost a surefire way to get what you deserve in a divorce. Your arguments regarding your financial standing can help you gain custody of your child, give less child support and alimony, and get more properties and liabilities, especially if you truly deserve those things. You cannot say the same for uncontested divorce, where a party will have the tendency to give up more just to avoid the hassles of the legal process.

Claiming Short Term or Temporary Disability Benefits in North Carolina

There’s no way to tell how going through a workplace injury may affect your life. Injuries like carpal tunnel or fractures due to falls require plenty of recovery time, leaving you unable to work and earn a living for the meantime. Depending on the severity of your injury, this recovery time might last longer than you’re able to afford. Fortunately, the complications of suffering from a workplace injury can be easily solved by looking into some of your legal options. In North Carolina, you have the option to claim for short term or temporary disability benefits to cover the expenses related to your injury.

According to Raleigh workplace injury lawyers, the state of North Carolina awards temporary disability benefits to individuals that are prevented from working boy certain short-term injures. Through the Social Security Disability Insurance, you will be able to receive 2/3 of your daily wage after being unable to return to work for over 7 days. If 21 days have passed and you still haven’t fully recovered to return on the job, you might be able to receive additional compensation for the first 7 days of work you missed. The rules differ slightly if your injuries prevent you from performing certain tasks but are able to return to work initially after your accident. In these cases, you will be eligible to receive 2/3 of the difference between your usual and deducted wages for. These payments will be awarded to you for up to 300 weeks.

Workplace injuries can be a serious cause for concern. It could take a significant amount of time before you’re able to return to work and earn an income. Fortunately, the law provides avenues for individuals vulnerable to all types of accidents in their workplace. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified legal professional to learn more about disability benefits and other similar options.

Factors That Can Affect Your Auto Accident Claims

Auto accidents can happen anytime. No matter how disciplined you are but the behavior of other drivers can still put you at risk of getting injured in a collision. According to the website of the Bruner Law Firm, the negligence of drivers can instantly change our lives. The good news is that you can make the other driver liable for the injuries that you will incur.

By being able to prove the liability of the other driver, you can have an opportunity to recover damages. However, this will not be easy as the court will consider several factors that can impact your auto accident claim. Likewise, the insurer of the defendant will not easily give in that their customer was the one responsible for the accident. Here are some of the factors that will affect your claims:

1. The Consistency of Your Narration

Consistency will be the name of the game as you aim for the maximum amount of your car accident claim. You will be questioned several times by the defense so make sure to stick to what you are saying. If you do not remain consistent, chances are they might find some loopholes in your testimony and the amount of your claim may not be what you sought for.

2. Stability of Your Evidence

Your testimony will only be considered a hearsay if you do not back it up with solid evidence. This will make your claim stronger. For getting desired results, you may want to have as many documents as possible to support your statement.

3. Medical Opinion

Aside from documentation, the opinion of your doctor will also count on your car accident claim. The defense will try to overturn your complaints and say that you are just exaggerating. Your doctor will confirm and verify the truth to your aches and pains.

4. The Limitations of Your Policy

The terms stipulated in your insurance policy will greatly affect the amount of settlement. To maximize the total amount of your claim, you need to convince the judge that your costs were reasonable and necessary and that you are in great pain and suffering.

These factors can have a huge impact on the amount of damages that you can recover from the car accident.

Adult Daycare: The Best Alternative to Retirement Homes or Senior Apartments and Nursing Homes

Everyone has his/her own specific physical, emotional, social and mental needs. Consider your senior family members then you have to add to this list of needs, extra care and probably even medical attention. While some family members choose to be their own senior or sick loved one’s caregivers, they are prevented from providing full time care due to work, which will enable them to earn and pay their too many bills. Sending their loved one to a nursing home facility also may not be possible due either to the costly monthly fees or because they have not actually prepared for it, thus, the absence of a long-term care insurance or the failure to qualify to Medicare or Medicaid.

There is another way to provide your senior or sick loved one all the care and attention that he/she needs, though; one that does not require family members to quit from their job: by sending him/her to a facility or center where adult day care programs are observed.

Adult Daycare is a program that does the following:

  • Promote seniors’ well-being through well planned and designed health-related and social services
  • Give caregivers the rest or break they need to allow them to attend to their personal needs, rest or relax
  • Provide relief for family members who cannot stay with their loved ones during the day

With the intent to improve every participant’s quality of life, the program provides a community-centric atmosphere, where physical and mental activities, and the development or recognition of skills, are emphasized. These activities include games, exercises, group discussions, dancing, gardening, educational classes, painting, puzzle solving, and many others.

To provide quality care, Adult Daycare centers have staff members, registered nurses, dietitians, trained program directors, and community volunteers who are all trained to provide attention, medical support and companionship, besides creating programs that ensure fun, enhance cognitive skills, improve memory, and strengthen muscle functions – all for the enrichment of the mind and the body. Other services are directed to the participants’ personal needs, thus, these include grooming assistance, speech or physical therapy needs, medication management, and others. Availing of additional services, however, requires paying additional fees.

As mentioned at, the daily state median of Adult Daycare centers range from $25 to $135 (depending on the state). Besides the extra fees due to the additional services mentioned above, there are also extra fees for additional medical care, meals and snacks, and transportation to and from the daycare center.

Seniors with a lower income may enjoy the benefit of paying less for adult daycare (this is usually offered in non-profit daycare centers). Additional help may also be availed by using public benefits, such as Medicaid (but which requires meeting certain criteria for one to qualify), and benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Other than these, families and the senior concerned will have to use their own savings or employ private means, such as using social security or retirement benefits.

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